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BIO-SAD d.o.o. is a company involved in production, trade and services, established in Jakobski Dol on the edge of region Slovenske gorice. We have been active on the market for over 20 years, since 1994.

We follow the long traditions of the local area, adapt to the conditions on the market, deal proudly and successfully with the growing competition, develop modern technologies and create new sales programmes.

The company slogan is “Drinks to your taste”, as we offer a wide range of non-alcoholic, alcoholic and wine-based drinks.

Carefully produced using quality ingredients and aesthetically packaged, our products are a result of our own knowledge and experience.

The company is distinguished by an extensive bottling programme (details are available on our website). We are proud of the trust shown by the customers we provide bottling services to under their own brand and using either their own or our recipes.

Successfully creating a name for ourselves as producers of the highest quality alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, our reputation is spreading on Slovenian and foreign markets alike. Consumers know our products under the Bio-Sad and APIS brands, while a large part of our bottling programme includes supermarket own brand products.

In addition to a number of Slovenian companies, in recent years we have also been bottling drinks for both the major discount supermarket chains, Hofer and Lidl. On top of that, for many years now we have been providing bottling services to a major foreign client, the Serbian brand Gorki list. Customers are becoming ever more demanding and critical; nevertheless, at Bio-Sad we strive to meet every expectation while also focusing on keeping up with and introducing the highest standards of quality.

As well as the ISO 9001 standard and HACCP, we obtained the IFS Food certificate in 2015 – a new milestone on the road to producing excellent and safe products for consumers. Our focus on product quality, which is at the heart of everything we do, has also been rewarded by customers and the expert public with a number of gold and silver medals and other awards.

If you are interested in creating your own brand of drinks or if you already have one and would like us to bottle it, please send an enquiry and we will be happy to contact you.
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